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Engine Performance Checklist

When was the last time you had Engine Performance work done on your car?

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Battery/Starting Problems

1. Crank over slowly?  When engine is cold When engine is hot Always
2. Make unusual noises while cranking?
3. Crank/Spins over OK, but does not start:  When engine is cold When engine is hot Always

Running Problems

1. Stall at idle:  When engine is cold When engine is hot With A/C on Under light acceleration Always
2. Run rough:  When engine is cold When engine is hot With A/C on Under light acceleration Always
3. Misfire or hesitate:  When engine is cold When engine is hot With A/C on Under light acceleration Always
4. Have any dash lights been on? If yes, which ones:

Air Conditioning Symptoms Checklist

1. Does A/C system cool?
2. Does the fan / blower work? All Speeds?
3. Is the fan / blower noisy?
4. Do all dash controls work ok?

Air Conditioning Symptoms Checklist

If Above questions are "NO" please continue with questions 5-10

5. Is A/C noisy when turned on?
6. Does car stall or idle funny when A/C is on?
7. Does your car overheat?
8. If you have an A/C filter, has it ever been replaced?
9. When was the A/C system serviced last?
10. Does A/C or heater smell?

11. Other A/C Problems

Steering or Suspension Problems

Symptoms Checklist

1. Does vehicle drift, lead or pull? If Yes:  Left Right When Braking All the Time
2. Does vehicle wander? If Yes:
3. Do you feel any vibration? If Yes, what speed:
4. Are front tires worn irregular?
5. Are rear tires worn irregular?
6. Is steering wheel straight when you're driving straight ahead?
7. Does steering seem loose?
8. Any unusual noises when going over bumps?

9. Other Steering/Suspension Problems

Brake Symptoms Checklist

1. Does your car stop OK?
2. The brake pedal seems:
3. Does the vehicle:
4. Do the brakes:
5. The Emergency/Park Brake:

If it doesn't work properly, explain:

6. Has brake fluid been added in the last 6 months?
7. Have the brakes been Adjusted in the last 6 months?
8. Last time brakes were serviced and repaired?

9. Other Brake Problems

Other Problems

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